The Sign Is Up – Is Your Home Sold?

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Ever wondered about those "We Buy Houses - Fast Cash!" signs? Agents leave signs up on property after a contract has been signed as a way to promote themselves. The sign can technically stay up until closing, as deals do fall through at the closing table. It is really bad practice for the new homeowner to leave the closing table and find the for sale sign still in the lawn. But it has happened.

When a homeowner stops paying the monthly mortgage payment, the lender steps in and takes the property back. Foreclosure ends with an auction at which the property is sold to the highest bidder. The auction signals the end of your residency as a homeowner and complicates a tenant’s residency.

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Even if your rental home is put up for sale, it is still your home. This means that you still have your right to quiet enjoyment and property owner cannot invite prospective buyers to an open house whenever he or she wants to. A landlord is still obliged to give you a 24 hours’ notice. It’s time to ask for bonuses.

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 · With an equity release lifetime mortgage, you raise cash by taking out a mortgage on your home which lasts until you die and/or your home is sold.

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The agent will compare your home to similar ones that have sold in your area and come up with a market value. Agents shouldn’t charge you for this service. They hope, after all, that you’ll call.

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