The rest of college football needs to try and match Kirby Smart’s scheduling efforts

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After staying relatively quiet about a system stacked against it, UCF started to speak out about the College Football Playoff after capping off its perfect season with a Peach Bowl victory. "Only.

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Kirby Smart sets serious tone for second half of Georgia football spring drills Georgia needs players like Outland Trophy candidate Andrew Thomas to help influence teammates to stay out of trouble.

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Nick Saban and Kirby Smart both played DB in college, then transitioned that into coaching careers built off prowess on that side of the ball. The two can be compared in a sort of a father/son type of way, and it makes sense because the Georgia head coach coached under Saban at Alabama for so long.

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Between 2022-33, the Crimson Tide has scheduled non-conference. Georgia's future non-conference schedules in a coordinated effort to put his. Of course, there are some years where Georgia matches up against. Georgia head coach Kirby Smart in second half action of the College Football Playoff.

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Leading up to the College Football Playoff National Championship game between Georgia and Alabama on Monday, much discussion has been had about the success of Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban against.