Scottie Pippen Adds 5-Year-Old Girl to Lawsuit over Damages to Mansion

Former chicago bulls star scottie Pippen is accusing a five-year-old girl of vandalizing his $10 million Florida mansion by scribbling on its walls. The ex- NBA player, 53, has added the kindergarten student to a lawsuit filed against her parents, and Jacob Wolloshin, for a whopping $109,300 in damages.

According to a 2018 lawsuit filed by Scottie Pippen in Broward County, comedian Lindsay Glazer and her family trashed his former home. Now he’s adding Glazer’s 5-year-old daughter to the lawsuit, alleging the child wrecked his home using crayons and markers.

Scottie Pippen suing 5-year-old girl, family for damages to Florida mansion. Pippen, 53, added the girl’s name to a lawsuit he filed against her parents, Lindsay Glazer and Jacob Wolloshin.

scottie pippen adds 5-year-Old Girl To LawsuitAccording to NBC, former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen has accused a young girl of defacing his Florida mansion with markers and crayons in a lawsuit he filed against the child’s parents.

Former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen is accusing a five-year-old girl of vandalizing his $10 million Florida mansion by scribbling on its walls with markers and crayons. The ex-NBA player, 53, has.

Scottie Pippen has added a 5-year-old girl. caused over $100,000 in damages. He said that the family allowed their animals to "urinate throughout the home, thereby causing permanent stains and.

Basketball Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen named a 5-year-old girl in. than $109,000 for damages done to his Fort Lauderdale home, the Miami Herald reported Thursday. Pippen amended the lawsuit.

Scottie Pippen has included a five-year-old and her alleged misuse of crayons in a pending lawsuit against her parents. The basketball star brought a lawsuit last year against comedian Lindsay.

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