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Is Your Home Safe From Radon Gas? HouseMaster, the Leader in Home Inspections, Explains What Radon is, Where it Comes From, and What You Need to Know to Protect Your Family.

I would have no concern growing veggies in the soil near a house with elevated radon levels. As far as nearby homes also having radon, i have a funny story. A few years ago I tested a house and found levels in the 40’s. A week later I was called to inspect a house on the same street, just further up the hill.

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This spring, the Oregon Office of state fire marshal launched bigfoot to help Oregonians whose communities and homes are in areas at high risk of wildfires. Since then, Bigfoot-branded materials have spread fire-safety messages statewide.

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It then gets trapped in the property, forcing the homeowners to breathe. In some cases, you might need to call in a specialized radon testing.