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 · Low-power hardware implementation of movement decoding for brain computer interface with reduced-resolution discrete cosine transform.. pubmed. minho won; Albalawi, Hassan; Xin Li; Thomas, Donald E. 2014-01-01. This paper describes a low-power hardware implementation for movement decoding of brain computer interface. Our proposed hardware design is facilitated by.

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Unlocking manufacturing bottlenecks for optical transceivers may be key in the race to 400G Nearly two dozen companies announced 400g capabilities of some sort at the recent OFC 2018 conference, including transceivers in various formats, active optical cables, backplane interconnects, interface cards, optical module drivers, test equipment, and even full-blown switches.

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accessible Tompkins: May 2005 PDF Sustainable Development Department – century with less certainty beyond that point (Burton and Lim, 2005). Other sources are more cautious, warning that climate change may depress yields in already food-insecure areas or that previous changes in global climate have had negative impacts on production as a whole (Fuhrer, 2003; Tompkins and Adger, 2004).

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